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Accompanying  Activity Sheets Now  Available for Step 1 and 2 Home

      There are four stages (steps), each increasingly more complex and challenging for the learner, but building on the reading skills developed in the previous stage and continuing a strand of interest in the characters encountered therein.

      The vocabulary is carefully selected and the use of phonics and sight words is embraced. At the end of each book is a list of the vocabulary, suggested discussion points drawn from each story, and a writing task relevant to the story as required by the “Functional Skills” programme.

          Each short story is published separately, with illustrations, so that students will enjoy the satisfaction of having read a whole book. The characters involved in the stories within each book will interact with each other throughout the steps. Therefore, students will be able to select those stories which appeal to them.  

          As aforementioned, I have written twelve stories at each level but as “Readwell Road” has no definitive length, I can extend this scheme at will, introducing new characters of various ages, social group, marital status and ethnic origins as appropriate.